author of the text «Juwelleries of author's theater» for Boris Pokrovsky anniversary book, Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, 2022

author of the preface "The Making of a Musical," #24 [Translit]: Quarantine (New)Education, Moscow, 2021

editor and curator of the zine-catalog RAUM SPACE, designers Yana Etkina, Mila Silenina and Yulia Kondratyeva (Holystick group), Moscow, Kaliningrad, Berlin, 2021

curator of the zine «We, the trees», with Anna Sarukhanova, Anna Karp, Aleksandra Kokacheva, Kira Charlashova, Maria Tininka and Karina Scherbakova,  Curatorial Forum, NCCA, Saint-Petersburg, 2020

curator of the zine project for SHKAF library, Saint-Petersburg, 2020

curator of photo zine «Recreation» by Mila Silenina and Yana Etkina, photographer Valeria Titova, Moscow, 2019

curator of the zine «studio youth union» by art group Tipatzeha and Mitya Grankov, Moscow, 2019

curator and editor of the zine «VIVYKH», Cultural center ZIL, Moscow, 2019

author of the text «Simonovka: time and space», published at, Moscow, 2018

author of the text «Phenomenology of the voice», published at, Moscow, 2018

author of the text «The boundaries of a body and an identity in the Internet», published at, Prague, 2017