participant of the The 2nd Forum of Contemporary Art Institutions,, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Samara, 2021 

speaker of the telegram channel «Trapeze with Naked Boyars», moderated by Aya Makarova and Tatiana Belova, Moscow, 2021

moderator of the presentation of the zine catalog of the RAUM SPACE festival, Ground Zin Fest, Ground Solyanka, Moscow, 2021

speaker of the discussion "Voice objects, speech signals and psychophysiology of fear", MMU, 2021

moderator of the discussion "Art festival in the era of a new normality: challenges and solutions ", Discussion program of the RAUM SPACE International Festival of Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, 2020

speaker of the discussion within the framework of the Artivism & Solidarity project «Digital art activist projects and collaborations» with the support of the European Cultural Fund, Kaliningrad, 2020

speaker of the discussion at Rodion Ataulin's exhibition "Not Like Life", Gogol Library, St. Petersburg, 2020

speaker of the Opera Europa online autumn conference Survival of the Fittest, Moscow, 2020

speaker of the international conference «Theater in public space», RANEPA, Moscow, 2020

speaker of online presentation of the «We, the trees» zine, NCCA, Saint-Petersburg, 2020

tutor of the workshop «Soundmining in architecture», Gnesin Contemporary Music Week. Moscow, 2020

moderator of the discussion «Curator, artist, spectator», Park Gallery, Moscow, 2020

moderator of the discussion of the Teatrium Festival, The Vinzavod Center, Moscow, 2020

speaker of the discussion «Opera after Corona», moderator Nicholas Payne, Camerata Nuova, 2020

speaker of the discussion «Spreading the boundaries», Art Likhoradka vol. 4, BORSCH Gallery, 2020

speaker and moderator of educational program of The Recreation Festival, Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, 2019

speaker of the discussion «Place of memory. Performative instruments of memory research», Nikola-Lenivets, 2019

producer of the public program of performative laboratory «Time out of joint» with art critic and historian Ilya Budraitskis, historian and philosopher Andrei Aleinikov, art historian Oleg Aronson, Cultural Center ZIL, Moscow, 2019

moderator of the «» zin presentation, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow 2019

speaker of the discussion «Young directors speak about experimental opera», Voznesensky Center, Moscow 2019

speaker of the lecture-concert by Raut Farkhatov «Worlds of contemporary music», Moscow State Philharmonic Society, 2019

speaker in the conference «Laboratory in performing arts», RANEPA, Moscow, 2018

moderator of the panel discussion «Constitution», Meyerhold Moscow Center, 2018

speaker of the conference @Performative practices in Russia: strategies of hybridisation», Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, 2019

the Porous Borders Symposium speaker, Prague, 2017

speaker in the public talk «Do we need contemporary opera?», Stanislavsky Electrotheater, Moscow, 2017

speaker of the Young Musicologist Forum «Dialogues in the space of music and theatre», Moscow 2017