participant of the workshop «Reflections» curated by composer Pascal Dusapin, Festival D’Aix-en-Provence, France, 2019

participant of the workshop «Earth Hour» for light installation prototype, Moscow Architecture School MARCH, 2019

participant of the laboratory of the new urbanism Waterfront: Neighbourhood & Community, Saint-Petersburg, 2019

participant of the laboratory of the new media, TAT CUL LAB, Kasan, 2019

participant of the seminar for playwright with Ariane Koch (Basel, Switzerland), supported by Pro Helvetia, Moscow, 2018

participant of Avant-garde_LAB curators school, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow, 2018

participant of BLICK’17: Harun Farocki Festival, Goethe-Institut, Moscow, 2017

participant of inclusive theatre practice, curators Dr. Rose Whyman and Adam Ledger, Meyerhold Moscow Centre, 2017

participant of CoOPERAtion opera project, Moscow, 2017

participant of Konstantin Bogomolov laboratory, Moscow, 2017

participant of «La Gol» vocal laboratory curated by Natalia Pshenichnikova, Moscow, 2016

participant of Aleksander Nosovsky cinema lighting design courses, Moscow, 2016

participant of «Golden Ass» project of Boris Jukhananov, Stanislavsky Electrotheater, Moscow, 2016

participant of commedia dell’arte master-class in Academia dei filodrammatici, Milan, 2012